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Intuitive Readings for your Animal Friends


Ever wonder what little Fido or Miss Kitty is thinking?


With a quick and easy intuitive tarot reading for pets, you can take out all that nagging guesswork and wonder no more! Now you can put your mind at ease and answer all those lingering questions such as:


  • What was life like for my animal companion before they were rescued?


  • Is Miss Kitty happy or sad? Why?


  • What does Fluffy the rabbit think of his house?


  • How would Timmy the turtle feel about me adopting a new pet?


  • What does Fido think about my new boy/girlfriend?


  • Your unique question here


The possibilities are endless!

Stop Guessing
Start Connecting


Improve your relationship with your furry, feathery or scaly little (or big) friend today!


With a simple Tarot for Pets reading, you can learn what makes your special Pal's heart sing. And, you can improve both of your lives while deepening that very special bond between you! 


Your extraordinary companion has something to tell you. It's up to you to help them open the lines of communication and start listening.

Questions? We're happy to help! 

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Thanks for your groovy question, you'll be hearing from us soon!


the magic


Learn how to do your own intuitive Tarot for Pets readings and communicate with your animal companion anytime, anywhere!


Just check out our international two-day Tarot for Pets Workshops and sign up today. Host a workshop, get enough people to attend, and you may qualify for a free course!

Empower your Pet


By giving your exceptional buddy his or her own distinctive voice, you will help empower them to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.


Remember, they are sentient beings and an important part of the family too! When they know they have a voice, they will thrive - mind, body and spirit.




I can't wait to tell you what I am thinking!  Woof, woof!Ww

I was soooo happy after my human got a Tarot for Pets reading! All these years I had to put up with that crummy dogfood! Yuck! Now, thanks to the cards - I got an "upgrade" on my doggie cuisine. 


Happy, healthy and content, Roscoe the dog




All those years I was so lonely and depressed - alone  all day with no one to talk with. Luckily  for the reading, I am no longer flying solo. My human went to the rescue center and not only got me a new friend, but provided a new home for my buddy! A win-win for everyone - including my human who no longer feels guilty leaving me at home.


Loving life! Rico and my new friend Pepe the cats



Everyday, the same old thing! Running on this wheel - really?! Thank you Tarot for Pets, now I am running free and easy through my critterville condo. Up, down, all around... yeehaw!! Life just doesn't get any better than this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Herbie the happy hamster


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