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Animal Speak

Intuition/Intuitive Tarot/Talk to your Pet/Animal Communication


How does the Tarot work with Animals?


The Tarot works by linking the readers intuition with that of the higher consciousness of the querent - in this case, the querent being your animal companion. Each card in a tarot deck contains colorful images and symbolisms that work similar to a story book. The reader looks at the imagery on each card, then uses his or her intuition to decipher and gain insight into your animal's mind and personal situation.


Each Tarot for Pets reading is different and the same card can have thousands of different meanings depending on how the reader uses their intuition to link the narrative. And, of course, what your little (or big) furry, feathery or scaly friend has to say!


All animals are sentient beings, with thoughts, feelings and emotions just like humans. They each have their own unique stories to share. Intuitive tarot gives them a voice to tell their story - we simply need to listen. After all, haven't they been listening to us long enough?




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