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To order our special Tarot for Pets 1 question email reading, please fill out the contact sheet below. Be sure to include your special friend's name and type or breed. Ie. Barney the beagle or Fluffy the cat. Please be direct as possible with your question.


If you need assistance and/or not sure if your question will work okay, write us below, give us the brief scenario or situation, and we will help you come up with one.


Upon receipt of your payment, your reading will be delivered to the email address provided within 24-48 hours. (Business days M-F only)


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**Disclaimer: Although having an intuitive tarot reading can be revealing and fun, it should never be used to take the place of a trained veterinarian in the case of diagnosing a health problem or emergency. If you suspect your beloved companion has health issues - please seek veterinarian assistance as soon as possible.

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