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Tarot Workshops

Increase your intuition & psychic ability/Improve your relationship with your Pet/Learn basic animal communication/Meet like-minded people/Learn, laugh, have fun!


We believe that learning how to read Tarot for Pets should be both informative and fun. So with keeping that in mind, we have put together an amazing two-day course that will have you learning, laughing, and maybe even dancing before you finish your morning cup of tea! (And yes, we provide that too!)


No boring lectures or drawn out explanations. With our hands-on approach you'll be doing accurate pet readings straight out of the gate. You'll learn how to develop your intuition, basic psychic and animal communication skills, and even how to create your own unique tarot spreads.


We show you how tarot can assist in breaking the communication barrier between you and your beloved animal friends, anytime, anyplace! Not only will your relationship with little Fido, Miss Kitty or Henry Horse be enhanced, their health and well-being will improve significantly - mind, body and spirit.















So what are you waiting for? Check out our new upcoming Tarot for Pets Workshops and see if we are in your area!

Would you like to attend a Tarot for Pets Workshop free of charge? Find out how you can become a TFP Ambassador!

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